Stine Andersen

Partner, PhD
Head of Tax Law & Tax Controversy

Stine is founding partner of KPMG Law Advokatfirma and head of the law firm’s Tax Law & Tax Controversy practice. Specialising in tax dispute resolution and tax litigation, Stine represents clients before the Danish courts and administrative appeal bodies, before the EU Court of Justice and in connection with international tax settlement procedures. Clients include Danish and foreign companies, both listed and privately held, private equity funds, sovereign wealth funds and pension funds. A substantial part of Stine’s client work concerns transfer pricing issues, cross-border disputes and cases that raise questions of principle concerning EU tax law or under Danish tax law. They pertain to a wide variety of industries and sectors.

Prior to joining KPMG, Stine practiced with leading Danish law firms Kromann Reumert and Kammeradvokaten (the Government Counsel) and served as a Fellow at the University of Cambridge. She holds a law degree from the University of Copenhagen, and a PhD in EU-law from the European university Institute in Florence, Italy.

Stine serves on the Board of the Danish Tax Scientific Association (Dansk Skattevidenskabelig Forening; the Danish Branch of IFA) and previously, in the Danish Bar and Law Society’s Tax Committee. She has published a book with Oxford University Press and frequently contributes to Danish and international tax journals and conferences as author and speaker.

Areas of expertise: Tax Law & Tax ControversyGlobal Legal Services



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Articles and book chapters


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